About Salty Skin

At Salty Skin we make clothing for sea swimmers and anyone who loves to get salty, either in or on the ocean. We started with some handprinted linocut t-shirts in May 2017 and are now having them professionally screen printed in Cornwall. Watch this space for more designs coming soon.

why Salty Skin?
We love the feeling you get from seasalt on our skin and especially when you get fully immersed. The way you lick your lips, taste the salt and remember that swim earlier in the day….the crusty layer of salt on your arms when you return from a great kayaking trip… the salt on your cheeks after an exhilarating sail.


who we are
We are Nick & Bryony Lishman and we are lucky to live and work on the Isles of Scilly. Our day job is running Mincarlo guesthouse which is right by a great swimming beach. We also run Adventure Scilly, helping people explore these beautiful islands in adventurous ways whether swimming, running, kayaking or wild yoga.

mental health
Sea swimming has so many benefits but one which is being increasingly understood is the positive impact it can have on one’s mental health.
From the endorphin high that any physical activity can generate to stories of overcoming crippling depression through swimming in cold water we’re keen to explore this connection.
We are actively seeking to partner with a charity in the mental health sphere to support their work. Do get in touch if you have any recommendations.

people who make the clothing
We feel that everyone who is connected with our garments should get a fair deal, from the farmer growing the organic cotton to the factory worker to you who ends up wearing a gorgeous t-shirt.
We buy our stock from STANLEY/STELLA who only source from factories that meet the most stringent safety criteria and are chosen based on their compliance with working conditions requirements in line with their commitment to the Fair Wear Foundation.


the Isles of Scilly
Scilly is a tiny archipelago completely dominated by the sea and it offers the most amazing swimming. Whether you want a short dip from a white sandy beach or to take on the 15km inter-island Scilly Swim Challenge it has something for every kind of wild swimmer.
If you want to find out a bit more about swimming on Scilly have a look at Adventure Scilly.
It’s also an amazing place for other salty activities; snorkelling with seals, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking or watching wildlife from a passenger boat.
Most of the wild parts of the islands are managed by the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust.
A great place for a general overview of the islands is Visit Isles of Scilly.

the planet
We are passionate about looking after this stunning blue planet that we share with so many beautiful creatures.
product – we use blank stock from STANLEY/STELLA, one of the top producers of ethical clothing. It’s made of 100% organic cotton and meets the Global Organic Textile Standard. The printing is done with water based inks.
packaging – we are aiming for zero plastic; the t-shirts arrive from our suppliers in cardboard boxes which we recycle and we dispatch them to you in recycled paper envelopes.